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Discovery Ridge

Discovery Ridge

This 82 unit strata townhouse complex located in the hills of Port Moody involved repainting of the unit doors, utility doors, wood trim, pillars, railings and frames. Extensive wood repairs were also done throughout the complex.

Discovery Ridge

St Andrews

This beautiful 219 unit apartment complex is located in Cloverdale. The project included painting of the wood trim, patching the rooftop vents and wood repairs throughout. The rooftop vents were coated with a Siliconized Liquid Tape which resolve some leaking issues.

Prospera Centre

This 100,000 square foot facility seating 5,000 people is home to the Chilliwack Chiefs Hockey Club. This repainting project included painting of all metal surfaces, doors and concrete surfaces.

Evergreen Terrace

This subsidized housing complex consists of 144 townhouse units, 4 apartment buidlings and an amenities building located in Victoria.

Township of Langley Civic Facility

The Civic Centre in downtown Langley is a retail, office and public mix building and the home of the Mayor’s office.

Muirfield Gardens

A south Surrey residential strata apartment complex containing more than 150 units and two low rise buildings. This project included a full wash, efflorescence removal, a full repaint and a clear sealant applied to the brick. 

Burnco Langley

Burnco’s primary concrete loading facility. This project included applying industrial coatings to the silos, railings, hoppers, shakers and surrounding office and storage buildings.

Cobalt Sky

A picturesque 95 unit townhouse complex located in the hills of Port Moody. This project included painting and staining of the trim and siding and wood repairs around the complex. 

Hennessy House

This twelve story high rise located in the Fairview are of Vancouver West included a full sealant renewal, full wash and grinding and application of a rust converter on rusted out inset flashings.

Brimley Mews

Located in the Glenwood area of Port Coquitlam, this 81 unit townhouse complex project included a full wash, wood repairs and painting of the fascia trim, belly boards and knee brace trim.

Walnut Grove Community Centre

This municipal project at a local community centre containing a pool, multiple gyms, a library and other community spaces included painting of multiple areas including the application of special industrial coatings on the metal and pool side surfaces.

Lilac Green

This 35 unit townhouse complex located in a quiet neighborhood in Surrey received a full wash, wood repairs, caulking, staining of natural wood soffits and painting of the cedar siding, stucco panels and gutters. 

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